Thursday, August 21, 2014

Oh. Hi there.

It's me. And no,I don't think I've been hacked. I believe *I* am actually posting on my blog.

Novel concept,huh?

OK, so let's just completely disregard that I haven't blogged for an ENTIRE year. 365 days. To the day. I might have planned that. Or I didn't,and just stumbled onto this ghost town about a month ago,and thought about resurrecting these dry bones.

But,here's some good news:

We're alive. Beyond that, I've got nothing. OK,maybe a few things. Or a lot of things. Or too many things to discuss. We'll see. One of the options will win out.

So,you might be wondering...what y'all been up to over the past 12 months? (We live in the deep south,everything is y'all. Please excuse this about me. It's endearing. Or whatever.)

Welllllllll. I'm going to tell you. Sort of. Maybe not today. Or tomorrow,but suffice it to say, this has been the biggest, wildest, craziest year of our families life SO FAR. And,I make sure to say so far because I have this weird feeling that the Holy Spirit has only just begun wreaking absolute havoc on our family. All for His glory,right?

HA! HA. Ha. ha.  Oh,excuse me for laughing,but if you've ever been in the palm of God's hand, you know that it's not exactly a comfortable place to be. Opposite,really.

I have pretty much decided that the only way we can testify to the fact that Jesus hasn't given up on us yet,is to share the story as it evolves , which is so scary,because what if we fall flat on our faces- like,just in general?

Well,I guess that's why we're walking by faith. Sure of what we hope for,but certain of what we do not see. And believe me when I say,there is SO SO much we do not see.

Which is why, if you will notice, my blog has been re-named The Empty Pages. Truly,no idea. I can't even fathom where this train is rolling to next,but the book is open,and we're ready to write this next chapter just as soon as God hands us a pen.

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