Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Erik,we really need to get the camera out and get some more picture of Pacey."

I can promise I say this every 2-3 days,but the camera rarely leaves its spot. Can.not.even.

I am trying to accept this busy season in our lives,and go with it,but I've never been real good at that. Erik is more of a go with the flow type of person,and he tries to counsel me on this concept,but it's lost on me most of the time. I am trying not to be SO hard on myself. I really do hold myself to high standards,and have a hard time when things don't go the way I think or envision they will go. At the end,it's only me who gets let down. Being a military wife,I just "suck it up and soldier on",but I'm finding that's not always the best way to do it. I did talk to Erik about some things I am struggling with,and he came up with some ideas that will help me to feel better physically and mentally.

As many of you know,who are longtime readers of this blog,I used to be obese and lost around 100 pounds. This happened a few years ago when Erik was deployed,and I had been doing well on maintaining that weight loss. However,my emotional state has been less than stable lately,and I found myself reverting to those old ways. I gained a few pounds,and said...oh,not a big deal,I can drop that quickly. Then,it was a few more,and I thought I might need to address the issue,but before I knew it,I was up over 15 pounds,and my clothes were SO tight I could barely fit them. How's that for embarrassing? I know I have a tendency to overeat,but it really came to a head. I was indulging in treats at night after the kids went to bed,to "reward" myself for surviving the day.

Not a good idea.

Now,I'm trying to undo the damage I did there. It's so hard. I'm trying to be more active during the day,and really watch what I eat. I'm using myfitnesspal to track my calories. I'm getting ready to turn 30 , and I know that I need to straighten it up before I end up being 200 pounds again.

In other news, Erik's going to school for the next 5 weeks,so he's off duty at the house. ;) The kids and I are making things work,although we miss daddy already. For some reason,Pacey responds better to him than me,so it's kind of tough dealing with the behavior problems on my own.

Speaking of,I just had to interrupt this blog post to go clean up puke (Pacey). Shenanigans,always shenanigans!

Well,only about a week more of craziness,and then we're headed to Gigi's house! Woo woo! Since Erik's working so hard,we're going to take a little vacay to give momma a break.

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