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My name is Lindsay, and I'm the mom blogger behind this operation. My husband is Erik,and we are staring 11 years of wedded bliss in the face. Except it hasn't been all bliss, there's been a lot of burden,too.

We've been an Army family for the entirety of our marriage,and that in itself has been a wild ride. We've lived in 5 different states,moved 6 times,endured 3 overseas deployments, and...that was the easy part!

Along the way,we started collecting kids,and ..well,what can I say? It's a fun little hobby. Our firstborn Nina is 7 1/2 (the 1/2 IS important),and she is the ultimate big sis! She is in 2nd grade ad loves to read. Multiplication tables? Not so much. Eh,math was never my favorite,either. She is an outside girl,and you can usually find her romping around in the trees behind our house discovering things.

Three years later, we gained a little sweetie names Tillie. Whoa,Nellie. The first thing Erik said when she was born..'she has red hair!' I should have known then. She's sweet,she's sassy, she's spunky, she's Tillie! She recently gave up naps, is doing some preschool work, and loves her little purple kitty cat.

Three years later (this appears to be the timeline when boredom sets in), we went on the biggest adventure so far,and flew to Ukraine to adopt a little boy with Down Syndrome. Boy,did we know what we were doing. Uh, well, no we didn't. At ALL. It's a good thing,though,we're learning. Pace keeps us on our toes, and makes us laugh and cry every day. Sometimes it happens at the same time!

We aren't sure of where we're going next,but we know that The Lord is our sheperd!

Thanks for reading!

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