Thursday, March 14, 2013


I wish I had something exciting to post,but I don't. Boohoo.

Based on the current "trends" in Eastern Europe,I was really hoping that I would get The Call this morning. We are eagerly awaiting our invitation to travel to meet and adopt Pacey! I was up bright and early this morning waiting,but The Call didn't come. Well, the team is quite busy right now with the families that are already over there,so I guess I can try to be patient a bit longer. I will post as soon as I hear something.

I have been really sick over the past 5 weeks,and it's taken a lot out of me. I am generally a healthy person,especially since losing the 100 pounds (which is more like 90 now lol). This year,I have had a number of illnesses that I don't usually get. I'm assuming it's from stress,and my body isn't fighting like it usually does. After having the flu,and then taking care of Little Sis with the flu,I thought we were in the clear. Then, Big sis got sick and I thought..oh,she FINALLY got the flu the rest of us had. NO. It was a new virus,and she had a fever for 7 darn days. We couldn't leave the house,and she was miserable. I was,too. I hate when my kids are sick,but I also had a few things that needed to be done. So,no sooner did she get better than I got slammed with a 104 fever,and I was stuck on the couch again. Whew. I am finally feeling better,even though I got double pink- eye for the 1st time in my entire life. Yes, 13 years in public school and 2 years of working in a daycare and never got it.

While we've been waiting,there has been plenty to keep us busy. I have a list on the refrigerator and each time I check something off,I end up writing something else on there. This week, we went to Travel Medicine and talked with the doctor on post about how to travel healthy,and what precautions we should take while we are overseas. We also got some medications for the dreaded travelers diarrhea. Yuck - however, we presume that it will happen at some point. I also went to the immunology clinic and got 4 shots. Yeeeouch! I haven't had a vaccine for....a looooooooong time. It hurt,to be honest,but I had both girls with me so I put on a brave face.

I have the packing situation mostly under control. The girls' bag is packed up,and I finally got 3 weeks worth of homeschool packets done for Big Sis. Erik's clothing is mostly packed,and we have all toiletries and snacks ready to go. I haven't packed MY stuff,but I know what I'm taking. This might be surprising,but I don't have very many clothes (even my mom picks on me,you know that's bad). I just don't like to have too many choices,so I wear the same thing a lot. Therefore,I need to wear my clothes I'm going to take in the meantime. Where we're going,I will be in good company. Most people wear the same clothes for 2-3 days in a row. So,I'm only planning on taking 3-4 outfits, 3 pants and 3-4 shirts.

OK,well look for more exciting news soon. :)

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