Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I can't think of a good title for this post,since I am still, as the other post was titled, "waiting."

I thought we might hear something on Friday,but when we heard radio silence,I knew our next good chance would be on Thursday. So...that's not too far away,and we're just trusting in His perfect timing.

I really wish I would have blogged more during this process,but in all honesty,I am working HARD and learning everything I can about attaching/bonding and Down Syndrome. There is so much I don't know.

You really take it for granted when you bring your baby home from the hospital and there's an instant connection. For orphans, they have lost their first family,and they are in baby houses where the caretakers are switched out in shifts each day. They don't have an opportunity to bond with anyone. Many times,orphanages are quiet places,where you won't even hear the babies cry...because no one comes for them. The caretakers work hard to make do with what little resources they have. In most cases,the baby will get their diaper changed once or twice a day. Bottles are shoved in their mouths a few times a day,and they are forced to suck them down as quickly as possible so they don't miss their meal. This is just reality for these children.

Sometimes, the children come into loving families where they adjust quickly,and everyone is happy,happy,happy. Other times,though, the children are broken,hurting, and need time and help to know that they can trust the parents. It's so scary! These babies are alone,day in and day out,with no momma or daddy to care for them. They simple don't understand what it means to be part of a family.

Obviously,we are getting Pacey young,and through my reading and research,I have a plan to immediately start working with him on bonding and attachment. We want him to know that if he is hungry,he will be fed. If he is cold, he will be wrapped and held tightly. If his diaper is wet and uncomfortable,he will be changed. If he cries because he's sad/frustrated/tired/etc., he will be picked up and comforted. We will respond!

I hope that I will be able to blog more about our journey,as he comes home,and we walk this path together. I know sometimes people will say "Aren't you SO excited?!?!?!?!"....and yes, I am, but I am also taking this very seriously. I am not going into this with rose colored glasses on. I know there will be challenges,but I also know that God has already seen this through,and His grace will meet us at each step in this journey. So thankful for this precious season of preparing...


CJ said...

This is the most intelligent pre-adoptive post I have ever read. I am so glad you are aware and prepared for possible hardships.

I would recommend a baby carrier. I can recommend a specific brand/type if you are interested. Bring it with you. Wear that boy, close to your heart, as many hours as humanly possible. Let him feel your warmth, hear your heart beat and know your comfort.

Gigi said...

And now Pacey is coming home. Praise the Lord.