Thursday, March 21, 2013

NOT Waiting!

Now, how's that for some good news?!

So, of course on Tuesday I resigned myself to being patient and waiting for our travel dates , not expecting anything until Thursday at the earliest. Wednesday morning I was up with the girls ready to walk out the door when I picked up my cell phone and noticed our facilitator had called...twice.

Good grief. I listened to the voicemail,and she said the word urgent. So,I called her back quickly,and she said "you have a's Wednesday, that means you need to leave on Monday...THIS Monday."

Oh, oh crap. Oh shoot. What? Who is this? No comprende!

I went into a slight tailspin, and rushed off the phone to do..something.

First order of business was to e-mail our travel agent and get plane tickets sorted out. Let me just say, Golden Rule Travel is amazing,and I received an e-mail with an itinerary back in just minutes. It might have even been seconds,I was in the twilight zone at this point. Mr. E (the travel agent) was even kind to me when I e-mailed him back all.. "Why did you give us a 12 hour layover in "foreign country"???????????????"  only to find out that I read the time wrong. I was a little nervous. I apologized for the excessive question marks and got that squared away.

Next order of business was to start rounding up the money we needed to take with us. That's a work in progress,but I believe the Lord will provide the exact amount we need to to take with us,so no worries.

Then I went and sized up our suitcase situations. Now,I started packing about a month ago,just in case something like this were to happen. We were pretty much 95% packed,and I spent a few minutes making a list of things we needed,and set everything out in order. I think we should be able to throw some last minute things in there,and be fine. Everyone that has been to our country tells us to pack light,like you're surviving,not vacationing. So,I took my bikini out. Hahah! I kid,I don't wear bikinis!

I plan to go through everything one last time and make sure its all essential, if not,I'll leave it at home and hope for the best.

Then,I had to call all of our bill providers and make guesstimated payments for utilities so we don't come home to no electricity or water. That wouldn't be funny. At all. I got that all squared away...and then....

I hit the couch and laid there in a coma like state for 90 minutes. I was burnt,my brain started to liquefy a little. The catnap helped,and then I was off to church to work my last night before we leave. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I'm getting my baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Ok,so truth: I have these moments in my head every few hours where I just start screaming  random things about getting a baby.) It hasn't worked it's way out of my mouth yet,thank goodness. Keep the crazy contained until you get home,please. ;)

I won't be posting much on the blog here while we're gone,because we have to be pretty secretive about information. However,find me on FB,and you can be added to our secret group (if I know you).

I did have one person asked to be added...the same one who asked me "why would you want a baby like that?" It still makes me feel a bit stabby when I think about it,and I sort of wanted to ignore the request. HOWEVER, I've said it before,and I'll say it again, this is for God's glory, not my own. Maybe, just maybe she will see why I want to adopt a baby like that,and her heart will be changed. One can only hope.

Until we meet again!

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Karen Robinson said...

I found your blog trough Reese's Rainbow. I am praying for y'all and your little guy! Here is a link to a book about developing brain-injured and Down's Syndrome children to their full potential. I have not read this book but I have read several of their books and they are excellent and helpful. They emphasize that the younger you start, the better your results.They say to develop your child's full potential you should start when your children are babies if possible. If the link doesn't work just do a google search for Gentle Revolution and the book is called "What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child". There are several books on the same subject, the book "Naturally Better" looks good as well. Blessings! Karen