Sunday, March 3, 2013

5 weeks....

and counting!!!

We are getting closer all the time to meeting our precious little guy.

I really wish I could get it together to blog more,but it's really hard to make time. We have been SO busy over here,and I'm sure that y'all understand.

Now that the main paperwork is submitted and out of my hands,I am not tied to the computer printing,scanning,filling,filing,etc. things,but now we are preparing for the REAL thing.

One thing that we've been doing is getting ready for leave through the Army. Now,for civilians out there who are adopting,you may not realize the task that we have when trying to drop a leave packet to go OCONUS (out of the country) through the Army. It's rough. I'm not even playing. Let's just say we each had to do an intensive class online,and then Erik had to do another one (all I can tell you is that is lasted 10 hours,consecutively.) Yes,I said 10 hours. It was no joke. Now,we also have to report for a class in person,that covers topics we did in online classes. Plus,we have to give them a whole host of information,including itinerary, flight plans, POC's (point of contact),and some other various things.

 It has taken a lot of time...not to mention that Erik was just switched to a new battery within his unit,and given a new job. Furthermore,he got a school date to report to a MUCH needed school within a few months. So,we are trying to navigate this leave packet while switching batteries and doing necessary computer classes to prepare for his school. If you're Army,this might make sense to you...SSD modules and NCO-ER's. Yeah,that's what I'm saying,too!

Also,we are trying to figure out our finances to finish this thing out. We were SO,SO,SO hoping not to have to take out a loan for this. Erik and I have been debt free for a few years,and from our reading of the Word,we know that we don't want to be in debt to anyone. However,we have done really all we can do with our resources (cleared savings,sold everything in our house,sold my van,yard sales,auction,appealed to our church...),and we just aren't there. So,we've been trying to see if there are any other things we can do within the short time that we have,while working out loan numbers. Oh,and praying like crazy,because I have a feeling God might have something up His sleeve! :)

In my free time (don't laugh),I've been researching everything I can get my hands/eyes on about Down Syndrome. I mean,we want to give Pacey the very best start possible. He has missed an entire year of opportunity being stuck in a crib with little to no stimulation at all. We don't want him to stay in the undeveloped place,though. We want to bring him home so that he can be everything God intended for him! However, that extra chromosome does make him a little different than our girls,and there are things I need to learn about in order to help Pacey. I hope to be able to share some how things go once he gets home,and we can all learn together! Let me just say I am abundantly thankful for the many wonderful women who have gone before me in adoption,and share their advice,wisdom,stories!

Oh,and you know,I'm taking care of my little princesses every day. Big sis is SUCH a joy! I just want to bottle her little 6 year old self up and keep her forever. She is amazingly smart (seriously), funny, creative and just sweet. She helps me around the house so much,and is a precious mentor to her little sister. Speaking of little sis, Whew. I love 3 year olds,they are a lot of fun,but man,they exude so much energy out of their little bodies! I'm sure this will be a huge surprise,but Till talks all the time. And I do mean,all the time. I hear her in her bed talking while she's nodding off to sleep,she talks in her sleep,and the minute her little eyes open in the morning,she's talking. It's mostly cute, but I have to be honest and say I am so glad that she still naps for 2+ hours in the afternoon. Mommy needs a time-out sometimes. ;)

This season,while we prepare for our son,has been very full and sweet. God has been showing me some things in my heart that are so ugly. I feel closer to Him each day as He directs,guides and rebukes the attitudes and thoughts of my heart. I am nothing special,yes God still came for me. Sent His Son for ME! Who am I, that God would give everything to me? It still blows my mind,honestly! I am desiring to draw closer to Him,because I know I can't do this on my own. I need the strength of the Spirit to guide my every word,thought,and action. I know I'm not explaining this very well,but just know that He is faithful,even when we aren't. And that's the best news of all!

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