Wednesday, February 6, 2013

An adoption update! Woohoo- I love when I have good news to report!

First,we received our fingerprinting appointment for biometrics on February 4th,and we got up early on the morning of the 5th to make the 2 hour drive to Atlanta to get scanned. I was really nervous because our appointment wasn't until February 14th,but this is the last thing we needed to do,so we took a HUGE leap of faith,prayed before we left,and got there about 10:30 yesterday morning. Why I was worried,I do not know. God had it all under control,and we literally breezed right in and out. We barely had time to let our butts hit the seat before they called us up. To be honest,I think it helped that Erik was in uniform,because everyone there was so appreciative of him,and thanked him for his service. ;)

Also,we sent our dossier (minus the immigration approval) to a family traveling to Eastern Europe,and they are going to hand carry it with them. It should officially be there on Friday!

We are making progress,awesome!!

Once we get our immigration approval,we get it notarized and apostilled,and that is the last piece of paper that will go to EE. After that,it takes 1-2 weeks to translate everything,and then we will be submitted.

Pacey baby,we are coming for you!!

PS- Our FSP is growing,and we are so thankful. I will draw for the Scentsy burner soon,thank you so much!!

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