Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Giveaway! :)

How would you like to start off February with a sweet little giveaway?! This is going to be so much fun,and I am excited to get started!

OK, here's how it works. I have a FABULOUS friend named Jenn, who moved in next door to us in 2008, and became my fast friend. Truly, she is one of the kindest people on this Earth (once,she came to my house at 5am to watch the kids when I had to have my wisdom teeth out. 5am, really.)

When I asked her to help us out,she was more than glad to step up. Jenn is a Scentsy representative,and she has offered up a Full Size Warmer, plus some special scent packs for a lucky winner!!

Now, you won't be getting just ANY burner,you will be getting the CHAMPION burner, of which the purchase of supports the Special Olympics! What better way to help get our special little boy home?!?
Y'all, isn't that adorable? So, here's how you get a chance to win:
 Each donation of 10 dollars gets one entry to the giveaway. If you donate 10 dollars to our FSP and tell me,then you're entered once. Enter more than 10 dollars,and you're entered twice. Also,if you want a FREE entry,all you have to do is share this on your blog or Facebook!

Isn't that easy?

 This will run for approximately 2 weeks,and then I will use to draw a winner for this beautiful burner,and will ship it off to you!

Once you donate,comment here on my blog or e-mail me at

PS- I know so many of you have donated to our family once before,and I am so grateful for that! If you have the ability,please consider donating again. We need the body of Christ behind us to make this happen. 


Christa said...

Made a donation AND blogged about it!

Carri said...

what an amazing journey! following you and sending our prayers!

Kauseks said...

posted on my facebook. Currently getting my paypal to like me.. So i will post again when i donate

Traci said...

I made a donation....but I really don't need the Scentsy burner. Best wishes.

Lighting Our Steps said...

Donated:) You are getting so close, we are so very excited for you!!!