Friday, February 8, 2013

Hey friends!

So,once our immigration approval comes in,we will be sending it straight to Eastern Europe by mail,and then.....

We should be submitted 1-2 weeks after that,and then travel 6-8 weeks after that. Basically,we have about 2 months before we get to meet our man. WOOHOO! I am starting to get so excited about our fellow. I have been so blessed this week,as people have supported and encouraged us. God's fingerprints are all over this journey,and Erik and I are so thankful!

This morning,I went into the nursery,and cut tags off clothes,bibs,and blankets. I washed,dried and folded up my little boy's clothes. What a leap of faith. I can't wait to see Pacey man wearing his little outfits. We've had 2 friends generously donate clothing/baby items to us,since there's a shortage of boy things in our house.

While I'm at it,let me share a picture of the nursery! It's a Noah's Ark theme. Adorable! The little blue sweater and hat were made for Erik by his mom when he was born. The furniture is circe K-Mart 2005,and it's been good and faithful to hold up through...4 moves!
I found the swing on the side of the road and brought it home,works great! I don't know if Pacey will want to swing,but I figure it plays music and might be a good calming place if he gets overwhelmed once home. Also,I got the crib bedding off a garage sale site,it was brand new in the bag. I didn't spend much making this nursery,but I think it's simple and sweet. I hope our little man loves it! I do plan to put his name over the crib,I just haven't gotten to it yet.
Oh,and I did put our donation box over on the right side,so you can just click and donate if you're able!

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