Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hi, friends!

So,it's been a few days since we announced that we will be adopting Pacey,and I've gotten lots of good questions,so I thought I would compile them here and answer them for anyone else who is wondering.

Where are you at in the process?

Great question! Well,our Homestudy is completely finished. We have now sent our Homestudy,birth & marriage certificates, and our application to adopt an orphan to USCIS Immigrations department. We should get a letter with a fingerprint appointment in a few weeks,and once we get those done,we will get the FINAL piece of paper we need to send to Eastern Europe.

Our dossier,which is about 45 pieces of paperwork is complete,besides that one piece of paper listed above. It is apostilled, gold seals on everything, ready to go!

What happen next?

After we get our piece of paper from Immigrations,then we send everything to Eastern Europe,and it is translated and submitted! This will take 1-2 weeks from the time it gets there.

We are hopeful that this will happen in Mid/Late February.

When do you get to travel?

We hope to travel in April. Erik and I will both be going,and we will hopefully,God willing,bring Pacey home.

Will his name really be Pacey?

Yep,it will. We actually all love the name Pacey,and it kind of fits our theme,so it stays. We are considering a middle name right now.

Feel free to e-mail any other questions to me at OR leave me a comment here.

Also,if you are interested in offering us a matching grant of incentive for fundraising,please contact me. We are currently 10,000$ short of being funded! :)

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