Monday, January 21, 2013

Here We Go!

Well, I'm sure most of you have seen on FaceB already,but Erik and I have re-committed to the adoption,and we are hoping to bring this sweet guy home in a few months!

Isn't he cute? His name is Pacey. I know from our last post about the adoption,it seemed like we were done. And we were. Until we heard from the Lord,we weren't willing to go any farther. We wanted to make sure that we heard His voice in this,and weren't moving our own accord. We donated all of our waiting funds to Pacey,and just went to praying.

However, a few weeks after we took "The Break" God started to do some things that made me think He wasn't quite done yet. There are a few examples,but one thing that happened is that I went to Goodwill with the girls and we were browsing around,and I saw this box that caught my eye. It was a Noah's Ark snow globe! The nursery is decorated in a Noah's Ark theme,and I always keep my eye out for thrifty finds,but I had yet to find anything. When I picked up that snow globe,I just felt like it was God giving me peace and assurance that He was NOT done yet.

Then,one day last week I was looking around on the Easter European country website for adoption (clear?). Basically,the country we hope to adopt from has its own website that lists children for adoption. So,I was browsing around on the website and found this adorable little guy that I felt a connection to. I didn't think much of it,but e-mailed a friend from RR to see if we could get him listed on the site. So,the next day when I got home from running errands, my friend messaged to tell me that the little boy I was looking at was....Pacey. :) I was floored. As you can see from above,his baby picture is hard to see. These pictures were much better and detailed. I couldn't believe it was him. SO,yeah....

Erik and I took some time to pray about it,and we are just going forward in faith. We know this process is sometimes unpredictable,and we can't promise how it will all turn out,but we are just going to take one step at a time.

Thank you for being patient with us while we worked through this. Please continue to pray for us,and if you are willing to help us financially,we would really appreciate it!


Kate said...

I am SO incredibly happy to hear that God is moving you all forward. When I heard what happened and that you might be stopping, I was heartbroken first for your loss and then because not many people choose adoption in the first place and usually not kids with special needs. I thought about commenting a couple of times but just didn't have the words for your loss or how to encourage you that God couldn't be finished with his plans for you.

As the adoptive mother of two littles I can't adequately tell you just how much joy adoption has brought into our lives (we previously lost biological triplets at 22/23 weeks of pregnancy and our last little guy after two weeks in the NICU, as well as a couple of miscarriages). The children God has given us through adoption have really saved our lives in so many ways, bringing healing and hope and an ability to dream again after our lives were shattered so terribly. We had always planned on adopting, we just thought it would be in conjunction with biological children. We got the timeline wrong, and it took some time to re-adjust to the thought of adopting after losing Evie, Jack, and Will, but God gave us the ability to move forward in faith and he has absolutely rocked our world and blessed our socks off. I can't help thinking that we are the most blessed people on earth.

I am so excited for you and know that God will use you powerfully to touch the lives of the tiny ones he has for you, as well as their families and so many others. God bless you for continuing to follow him faithfully and for letting him use you for his glory.

Kate (from

Nikki said...

He is adorable! so excited for your family!

Nikki - blog design to support children around the world

TandJ said...

God's blessings as you move forward. So sorry for the loss and all that has gone wrong. Will be praying for you and your family.
How does a person get on the database of orphans from Pacey's country? Is that top secret? I have done a search for it but haven't found it. Our sites were on going back for a 2nd adoption in Russia but obviously that is out of the question now.
Jennise Logan