Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Taking a Knee

So..what will you do now?

We've received this question quite a few times lately,and I feel like I can finally address this.

From the beginning,we knew that international adoption could be tricky,and we might not get the outcome that we hoped for. Our social worker addressed this very thing during our 2nd visit,and we agreed,in the event that something happened,we would continue on.

I mean,we said it,we just didn't think we would actually have to make that decision.

I digress.

We did ,though, actually have to make that decision.

We have decided to continue on.

We are praying about a two specific children right now,and we are believing that the Lord will guide us in the right direction.

The thing is,this was never about me,or us,or Oliver,or anyone else. It was always about the love Jesus has for us. He sent His Son to die on a cross for my sin,and adopt me into His family.

I am a sister of Jesus Christ,and that perfect love has compelled me (us/our family) to care for the orphan. We desire to follow Jesus,and that's what He's about!

So,we press on,trusting God's most perfect plan.

Please don't think that Oliver is forgotten,or that we have moved on. The fact is,he will always be in our hearts. We consider him our son,and we were willing to do whatever needed to help him reach his full potential. God had other plans though, and we know they are good,despite our disappointment. Oliver Redford will be the baby brother we never knew we wanted,but so desperately fell in love with. We still have plenty of love to give to a child,and we know God will reveal that in perfect timing. Thank you all for your support during this time. We are so encouraged by our brothers and sisters in Christ who have acknowledged that this is a real loss,and understand our grief. We are just taking this one day at a time,and trusting in the Author of this story.

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