Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Of course,our little visitor showed up again this year. I think this is the 3rd year Santa had sent Snowy to keep an eye on the little girls.

We started off the month with a North Pole breakfast complete with snow muffins and a note from Snowy. This year he made a paper chain for the little girls. They get to pull one off each day,and sometimes they have things written on them,like do an extra chore or help your sister complete a task. They have been enjoying doing good deeds so Snowy will report back to Santa!

(All I seem to see in this picture is my little boy. We had his picture on the wall with some verses written around him. Oh,we prayed so faithfully. It still hurts.)

After he arrived, he's found lots of fun things to keep the girls entertained. One morning,we found him in the van with Strawberry Shortcake. Who knew an elf could be so fresh? ;)
He spelled out the girls' names in Mike N Ike's. (Mommy had to help "Snowy" when he forgot a letter or two LOL.)

We found him hanging from the ceiling fan one morning,with tons of candy canes on the ground for the girls to decorate the tree with!

Oh,Snowy,so clever.

 And,one morning we woke up to find Snowy the king sitting on top of the world with snowflakes covering the entire playroom. That was a real treat!

Keep your eyes open,you never know where you might find the little critter! :)

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Poppy said...

Snowy is so INVENTIVE!!