Friday, December 21, 2012


Our girls have had 2 fun surprises this month. First,Nonny and Poppy came to visit,and then Gigi came. What fun! To be honest,even though I haven't much been up for company,these visits were pre-planned and I am glad we went ahead with them,because the girls needed a little fun. Mommy hasn't been the most sunny lately,so I'm thankful the grand-parents can help out.

Nonny brought the girls some crafts,and they looooooooove crafts!
We went to the local lake and walked around the first night they turned the lights on.

They had some rides there,and the best part is that everything was FREE!

We had a great time with Nonny and Poppy,and today we were surprised with Gigi coming to town. We are so blessed!!

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