Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday with Words

The Dad had the day off on Monday,so we took the girls to the park for some playtime,and a picnic! I mentioned this a few days ago,but the gals have also had to make some sacrifices in this process. We have been much more hurried and rushed about our days,and they often have to wait to eat lunch because we're doing paperwork,or naptime get cuts short because we have to rush to the bank before they close. There have been no shortage of night where they eat Ramen Noodles and fruit for dinner.

They endure,though,like the little soldiers they are. However,we know that they haven't had as much fun time with us as usual,so we thought a day at the park would help lift all of our spirits and allow us some fun family time. It was really refreshing,and the girls enjoyed it SO much. The weather was perfect,and everyone left there with a smile! :)

Also, we were scheduled to have our first home study visit on Tuesday. Unfortunately,our SW called that morning and had just left the doctor with a throat infection. Sigh....She wanted to re-schedule for Monday but I explained to her that next week is The Dad's first week back on cycle after not having a class for 6 weeks. We can not even expect that they would allow any favors next week at all. So,we re-scheduled for today (Weds.) in hope that she would feel well enough to come. No such luck,I spoke with her this morning,and she is still not feeling well. Now,we are looking on to Sunday afternoon. Sunday is the WORST day of the week for us,as we have church in the morning,and AWANA's at night ( I work in AWANA's and this week is turkey bowling,I can't miss that,can I?). However,we are going ahead with it,and just praying to get this part done.

Also,yesterday we went to the bank and had a huge stack of papers notarized,so next week I will be sending a big stack each to Alabama and Georgia to get apostilled.

Progress is being made,and the Lord is doing a good work in my heart about learning patience. He's not finished with me yet!

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