Friday, November 16, 2012

Blah Blah...

TGIF. First,let me just say that. I knew this week was going to be busy and a little hectic,and I was not proven wrong!

We were doing so well on our dossier,but I am having the WORST time getting my physical done. This is slightly hilarious to me,because I thought for sure Erik's medical was going to the be thing that set us back (because he takes a medication). I am perfectly healthy,and have no issues whatsoever so I thought it would be a breeze. WRONG. So wrong.

I first went in for my appointment on October 31st. I had called the day before and worked it out with the nurse that they would being in a notary to do the paperwork because this is a brand new clinic and they don't have a notary there (they found one in the building next door). In your dossier,every single thing has to be notarized. SO,we had it worked out,and just minutes from getting there for my appt. the nurse called to tell me the doctor called out sick. DOH. I went in anyway,and tried to get the other doctor there to fill it out,but....she was not.."filled with the truth." I mean,I don't want to outright call this lady a demon,but she wasn't on Team Jesus,and refused to fill it out. OK. So,after all that drama,I called Tricare and asked them to please transfer to back to the clinic on post where I was being seen,and I waited 3 days for them to refuse my request. 

I called again and made another appointment with this doctor,and gave specific instructions that I would need a copy of his medical license. I get the reason for this,otherwise any old person could forge a physical form. So,I get to the appt. and I waited an hour and a half for the doctor to come in. The nurse apologized for forgetting about me,and I tried very hard to be polite. The doctor signed my medical form,but said they couldn't get a hold of the notary person who had previously offered to come do my physical for me. Well,without a notary seal on it,the physical is useless. They asked me to leave it there,and they would "try" to get it done,and call me.

Then,I asked about his medical license. He said it was "in a storage unit somewhere in Crawford County,GA. Gaaaaaah! Help me,please. Anyone. I was so frustrated. So,basically I left there with nothing. I came home and cried whined found the doctors license online and it expires on the 30th of this month. Done. Just done.

I don't know what to do,so I'm just praying and believing that God has already gone ahead of us to see this through. It is frustrating,as the world of international adoption usually is.

Now,I'm trying to focus my attention on our presentation at church on Sunday,and then our home study visit shortly after. :)

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Christa said...

WOW!! It was easier for us to get our physicals done with domestic adoption because we didn't have to have anything notarized, though the doctors had no idea what they were filling out either. We had to tell them what to test us for and write on the forms. I'm sorry they're being so difficult for you!!