Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Quick One!

Whew! We have had a busy,busy day!

We went to church this morning,and did a presentation about our adoption. I was seriously SO nervous. I thought I might buckle up there,but Erik gave me some good advice: Don't lock your knees. I swear my heart rate was like 160 when we got on stage,but God is good,and peace passed over me as we shared our testimony with the church! We had a little slideshow and talked about what life is like in an orphanage for children with Down Syndrome and other special needs. We introduced our little guy,and asked our church to pray for us,and another sweet couple in the church who adopted last year led the prayer over us,and it was very special. I enjoyed being up there with my husband,hearing him share about the wonderful work God has done in his heart. :)

And,as an added blessing,a precious lady (who just happened to be visiting today),came up and gave us a check after church. It was so unexpected,and we were so thankful!

Then,we hurried home for lunch,and did a quick clean up so that we could be ready for our first home study visit. After this morning,I don't think I could be nervous since I used it all up at church,so I was very calm and ready. Our social worker was SO nice and pleasant to talk to. Little sis was napping, Big Sis was watching her Sunday movie,and so we had nice,uninterrupted time to go over our interview questions. It was all rather painless,questions about growing up,our parents marriage/divorce,our children,our marriage. Then,we took her on a tour of the house,and that was about it.

We have our next meeting scheduled,and we will go over some more questions,financial,mainly,and do some education,and then she will write up our draft which will be read over by a number of people before it's finalized.

It's a step in the right direction,and we will take it!! only goal for this week is to get this doctor situation taken care of,because this is cramping my dossier prep.

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