Monday, November 19, 2012


I have to laugh,or I might cry.

The great news is that MY medical form got all taken care of today. The details aren't really important,but what is important to know is that I will NOT give up. Sometimes I think the Lord gives us trials just to see how we will handle it? Throw in the towel? Give up? Temper tantrum? I'm not saying I didn't do all any of those things,but I also went to praying about this and asked God to give me wisdom about what to do. Did He provide? Of course!! I woke up this morning with a strong resolve to take care of this immediately. Erik and I worked together,and then I put the kids in the car,and we decided not to come home without the task accomplished. Thank you Lord that it was!

I was so excited to send it to our facilitator to check over. She has to approve each and every document that we get. Usually,I just take a picture of it and e-mail it to her since it takes a while to scan it in. She approved my stuff,and I was psyched!!!

However.....because this is just how it is...I had to re-send Erik's medical to her because it was unreadable. We had to have his done twice,too,and somehow between the first and second physical,a sentence went missing off his sheet. So,I re-sent it,and she told me about that darn sentence,and I was SO mad at myself. I really hate making mistakes,I'm a little bit of a perfectionist. SO,tomorrow,Erik is going to take his back in and try to get it done again. Seriously. Sigh. There are times when the paperwork is a killer.

Boo. That's about where we are right now. Waiting on some important pieces of mail to come in,so I can send most of my paperwork to get apostilled.

Persevere! Persevere! It must finish its work!

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