Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Name..

So,thanks to some amazing friends and family,we hit our first goal of having 600 dollars in our FSP (!!!),and it is with great delight that we can announce our son will name named...

Oliver Redford

Of course,you know names are pretty important to us. As with the girls,we went around quite a lot about the names.

First,Erik was convinced we were going to name him George. Now,you know I really like older sounding names,and so I sat on George for a while and tried it out. It is a family name,and I liked that,but after 2 weeks,I just could NOT enjoy it! I really tried,but I finally told Erik that we needed to look at other names.

Then,Erik got the baby name book and made a list,and there was a name on there that I had been thinking about,and when I saw it on his list,I was like YES! This is it. So,that name was Shepard and I fell SO hard for it. I was just sure sure sure that we would name him Shepard. Such a cute name. Well,Erik hard the same issue with it that I had with George. For him,the love was short lasting,and he just couldn't get comfortable with it.

And then, I just suggested Oliver,and it felt right,and that was it. Oliver came from Eriks grand-daddy's father/brother (Oliver Stanhope) and Redford came from Erik's pe-paw (James Redford).

We really like that he will have two family names,and I just think he's going to love his name!

Now,for those wondering,we might add his "real" name to it as a 2nd middle name IF we think it was given to him from his birthmother. If he was abandoned at birth and given a generic orphanage name,then we probably will not add it.

So,there you have it!

Baby Ollie we are coming for you!! :)

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