Sunday, November 11, 2012

Every Sunday night,I go into the office for about an hour and try to decide how much I can realistically get done for the week,and then I make a list,print off a ton of papers,and do my darndest to get it done.

This Sunday was no exception,and I am hopeful that we will be that much closer to finishing our dossier by this time next week.

Unfortunately,our country is closing for dossiers in a few weeks,and we can't get in on time. Bummer! BIG bummer. We are not slowing down,though. Our goal would be to get our dossier sent while it's still closed,and be one of the first families submitted once the country re-opens.

So,last week we had our home review for our rental agency. Since we've lived here for a year,they wanted to come out and check out the house. Of course,it passed with flying colors,and the homeowners were extremely pleased with the condition of the home. We are certainly trying to make sure that we leave it in as good of condition as we found it. Most people that know me aren't surprised by this,though. I've been called a "clean freak" more than once! Once our review came in,we were able to go to the agency and get our rental copy notarized for our dossier,but the person that signed it also notarized it,and that is a big no-no. So,I have to go back up there next week and attempt to get it done correctly.

This week,we are also going to try to get about 20-25 papers notarized for our dossier. We finally opened an account at a local bank that will notarize our papers for free since we're customers now. That will save us about....200 dollars. :)

Oh,and we have our first homestudy visit on Tuesday night. It's at 7pm...and the little gals can get a little "sour" by that time at night,so I'm going to try very hard to keep their day pleasant and not to busy,in hopes that they will still have a little sense left by the time the SW gets here. I know most people are really nervous about this,but I am SO excited to get going!! Bring it. I will give an update after she comes.

PS- Yes,I am still homeschooling Big Sis. We have 5 weeks left of K,before she is done,and we get to take a little break! Yippee! :) It's been a great year,but momma needs a little rest before we start 1st grade.

We are about 170 dollars from our goal of 600 in our FSP. We will reveal our cuties name when we hit that goal. Thank you to each person that has donated to our sons ransom. We are so appreciative of your generosity,I know it's a sacrifice,especially this time of year to give out of your own accord,but please know we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!


The Braithwaite Family said...

What does it mean that the country is closed to dossiers right now? Do they do that for a certain amount of time and then reopen?

Momma Lindsay said...

To the above:

Yes,the country closes for Winter Holidays from November 30th- February 1st. This is typical,however,we have heard that the advocates are trying very hard to get this wait shortened so that the children with special needs will not have to wait as long to get home. We are hopeful they will open a little earlier than Feb. 1st this year!!

Lisa Grace said...

I'm bummed, too ... there's no way we can rush the deadline either. Hang in there ... God is the master planner and He is not derailed by this.