Friday, November 30, 2012

Oh,Christmas Tree

Last weekend,I finally mustered up enough Christmas cheer to drag the trees out of the garage and put them up. Typically,I am excited for Christmas far in advance,and can't wait to play the music,hang the stocking,and decorate the tree. I am looking forward to it,but I have so much on my mind with the adoption this year,that it hasn't been as exciting for me. I do want to enjoy this season of our life,though,because I know there will be a big adjustment once our little guy comes home.

The girls worked with daddy on getting their little pink tree prettied up.

We put it in their room right between their beds,and we turn it on for a few minutes each night after they go to bed so they can see the lights.

Then,we set to work putting the big tree up. This tree is pretty large,about 7 feet tall. I really love it! Erik is definitely the light man,he does such a good job with those.

I did get in on the action,though,and do the ornaments,with a little help from my pal Little Sis.

And here it is all set up. :)

Adoption update: I finally got our paperwork back from GA. It only took 10 days. I refuse to send paperwork back there again. Furthermore,they wouldn't apostille one of my documents because the notary's seal wasn't correct. So,we have to have Erik's employment letter done for a 4th time,with a different notary and send it off. However,I have about 85% of my dossier done,so I'm sending it with a family that's traveling next week and the team in EE will start translating it.

Also,we have our last home visit tomorrow,and I hope to have a draft of my homestudy very SOON,so we can get it finalized!!!!!! Ah. I'm having a hard time being patient.

Also,I had my first conversation with a...friend who asked me "why do you want a baby like that?" Maybe I'll share more about it,maybe not,but what I realized is that we still have SO far to go when it comes to the Bible and God's command to care for the orphans. SO far.


Christa said...

You wouldn't believe some of the questions I get too! Especially about having a more open adoption and wanting to let the birthmom help pick out a name. It's like people can't wrap their head around things like that. But there will always be ignorant people in the world. Keep your chin up! :)

Rachel Hewett said...

A baby like that needs all the love in the world. Thank God that you and your family are willing and able to welcome him into your lives. Thinking of you as you face both joy ignorance through this process.