Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In Another Episode...

In adoption,there are 2 types of days. Good and bad. Now,I will say we have had some really great days since we started this journey,but much of the time,I am just waiting for the next bomb to drop.

I'm never left waiting long.

So,I sent off my documents to Atlanta,GA on Wednesday,and I sent my documents to Montgomery,AL on Friday to get my apostilles done.

On Saturday night,I check my delivery confirmations to make sure that package arrived to GA. It was priority,2 day mail,so I am assuming it was delivered Friday. WRONG. It was delivered on Saturday,except,this is the superior clerks office,they aren't open on Saturday. The thought of my precious dossier paperwork sitting somewhere until Monday made me nauseous. However,I re-scheduled it for Monday delivery and started praying. I then did a quick check to my paperwork that went to AL (Friday,2 day delivery),and it got there Saturday,too! Oh,dag gone! I really messed this whole thing up. Of course,I tried to do a re-delivery option on that paperwork,but the USPS couldn't find the address. Um,what?! I sent it there didn't I??

Ensue mass panic.

I got on the phone first thing Monday morning,and got tossed back and forth a lot before I finally just hung up,and decided to start calling the offices every 12 minutes 2 hours to see if it was received. Just as I resolved to wait until lunch to call again,I decided I needed something to fuel me,and went into the kitchen to make lunch.

And then...because you know that wasn't ALL. I get my plate and come out in the living to see...my delivery confirmations papers ripped up all over the floor.

Ensue mass panic again.

I fell to the floor while screaming" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Who did this!!? Who did this!!?"

The girls were holding each other on the couch,wondering what kind of crazy entered mommy's body. "LIBBY! LIBBY! It was Libby who ripped them up!" And then,I set my eyes on the dog...the one who we not so affectionately call "dumb dog."

I pointed my fingerright at her and said "YOU!",but before I could think about whether or not there is a Heaven for dogs,and whether she would make it there,I desperately started grabbing the shredded pieces and trying to put them together again.

No luck. So,then,not only did I not know where my paperwork was,I also didn't have delivery confirmations to track them. It was perfect.

I called the AL office back,and spoke to a very nice lady in my best i'mnotabouttogobat@$%#crazy voice,and asked her to please keep an eye out for my paperwork since it's very important,and she called me back about 2 hours later to let me know it was there. Hallelujah!

However,my GA paperwork didn't make it yesterday,and so I started again first thing this morning calling to figure out where it was. The office in GA claimed no knowledge if it. The USPS was sure it was delivered. Just as the USPS decided to open an investigation,I called the office back and BEGGED the poor woman on the phone to go through the notary department and ask anyone if they had received it,had it sitting on their desks/etc.. About 20 minutes later,she came back,and miraculously,it was found.

Yikes. That was a nightmare.

Let me just say,if you are adopting and live in Georgia,WALK your paperwork to the Atlanta office to get apostilled. I shouldn't have anything else going there,but if I did,mail would not be the way to do it.

And in case you're wondering,the dog is still alive. Barely.

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Gigi said...

You should really write a book.