Friday, November 23, 2012


Not a whole lot going on around here. I have sent off my dossier paperwork to get apostilled,and now I wait...

Just for those wondering,an Apostille is when you send your notarized paper to the state department of the state it was notarized in,and they put a gold seal on it certifying that the notary is real,and really notarized the paper.'s how it goes on each document. Let's just take the medical form for example: You print it out just as it is sent to you in the packet. You take it to your doctor,and they sign it in front of a notary,who then notarizes it. You send it to your team person who verifies that it looks good,and then you send it off to get apostilled. When it comes back,you re-send it with apostille on it to your person who will then give you a solid GO on the document. There's about 45 in the dossier,so it takes a bit of work.

Each state has a different apostille. For example,North Carolina does a printed color seal whereas Alabama does a raised gold seal. It's also different in every state as to how much it cost. In NC,it's 10 dollars a piece. In GA, 3 dollars a piece,and AL is 5 dollars a piece. Most of our paperwork went to AL,but we did have a few pieces that we sent to GA and NC.

As you all know,we've had to have MANY pieces of paper redone.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We didn't go anywhere this year,but Erik and I made a big feast,and we are enjoying leftovers today.

We did have to have some work done on Erik's truck this week,which stinks because that's money that we really didn't have to spend. His truck is almost 20 years old,and we are just praying that it will last another 6 months so that we can get through this adoption,and then talk about getting something else.

It's hard not to stress about all these unexpected things that pop up,but I know everything will be fine. One day at a time.

Now...I'm trying to get in the Christmas spirit and get the tree put up! :)


Dad/Cindy said...

Thinkin of Ya . .Thx for sharing!

julie said...

Hi Lindsay, I'm enjoying your blog and can so, totally identify with the paperwork craziness!! =] Good job!! =]