Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's November!!!

Wow,I can hardly believe it's November 1st already. Where has the year gone? We have officially been at Fort Benning for one year now. We really like it here,as Erik enjoys his job,and the girls and I have a good routine.

In adoption news,which is all the news there really is around here,our homestudy packet has been sent!!! WOO. I mean. Excited doesn't begin to cover it. Our agency will not schedule your first visit until they receive all your documents. So,once I got that packet I went into overdrive trying to complete it. It took me exactly 14 days from start to finish,and now it's out of my hands and on its way to the agency so we can have our first visit and get the homestudy drafted. :)
(Erik holding the homestudy packet)
Also, we sent out first batch of paperwork to Easter Europe. This is becoming so real now!
The girls are enjoying rooming in,and even though I hate that they're getting so big,I'm glad I'll have a little guy to snuggle very soon.

Also,just in case you aren't on Facebook, Erik and I are doing our first fundraiser. Once our FSP (look at the white box on the right) hits 600$, we are going to announce the little guys name! We don't really have a a name yet,although we've been discussing,so this will be a surprise for ALL of us,including me.


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