Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So,how about a post about the little gals? Yeah,you know those kids who already live with us? ;o)
It seems they've been a little neglected on the blog front because I spend 24 hours a day doing paperwork and other adoption stuff. Well,I might be exaggerating a little bit,but only a little.

So,we decided to put the gals together in one room now,because we don't want to stress them by moving things around to much at one time. Since we don't really know when we will be traveling,we decided to go ahead and do it now. They were seriously SO SO excited about sharing a room. Who knew??
First,we had to work on painting little sister's wall letter so they would match big sisters.
So,here's the right side of the room,big sis's side. She used to be on the left side,but I moved her to the right side because of the wall space.
Here's the left side of the room.little sis's side! She was ecstatic that she got to go with big sis,and now I call this the "big girl" room!! :)
The dresser and hairbow holder. Yes,ALL of their clothes are in that dresser and all of their hairbows are on that holder! It was a little difficult to accomplish that,but we made it! :)
Here's the little wall looking out of the room. I think it turned out really cute,and I tried not to overdo it. Now the real fun begins,I get to work on decorating for a boy room!!

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Leslie said...


I met your step mom at church and she told me about your adoption. I have a 5yo with Ds and she told me that y'all were adopting a little one with Ds. I asked if you were going through RR and she said yes and told me his name was Declan. I found your blog from the RR site. I'm excited for you. Your little man is just precious! I know that God is going to do amazing thing through this adoption in the hearts of many. Praying that you would come to know Him in a deeper way and that you would see His hand at work in bringing your son home!