Monday, October 29, 2012

So,this weekend,Erik and I went down to Birmingham for an International Adoption Clinic hosted by UAB. The seminar was from 9-5,and it was a 3 hour drive there and back. Needless to say,it was a long day,and we were beat when we finally made it home. We left at 7am,and had our neighbor down the street babysit from 7-10:30. Then she took the kids to our other neighbor's house (who is 39 weeks pregnant,that's dedication y'all),and she babysat from 10:30-2:00. Then,our friends from church came over at 2 and babysat the girls until we got home at 9. LONG day.

As far as the seminar,it was OK. We left with enough time to get there and register,but 6 miles from our exit,we got stuck in a gridlock on the highway due to a very bad wreck, the entire highway was shut down. So,we went 0.4 miles in 30 minutes,and were sitting in dead traffic as the class was starting. I got a little panicky,not because we were late,but because I was seriously about to pee my pants!!! Now ladies,you can sympathize with me. I had been sipping on water the whole way,and nothing makes you have to pee more than sitting in dead traffic knowing that you can't pee. Torture. Awful. I was dying.

Of course,Erik was snickering over in his seat because he's a camel and can hold it for-eva. I was thiclose to finding an empty cup and going,when we finally got off the detour and stopped at the gas station. I would have beat the Olympic sprinting record had they clocked me. No joke. Alas, bathroom breaks were had,we filled up with gas,and went on our way. We finally made it to the class 45 minutes late...

We did learn some things while there,and write down some tips especially about traveling,and learning to bond with our new child. Informative,for sure.

In other news,I am waiting on 2 pieces of paperwork to send our homestudy off. I'm also working on our dossier paperwork! It's a lot of paperwork. A LOT.

Worth it? You betcha! :)

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