Saturday, October 27, 2012

Got a great question today,and thought I would share my answer since I'm sure there are others who are wondering...

So why does it cost so much to adopt them?


The question of cost in adoption is lengthy and often complicated to explain. There are many different costs involved, and so when you say 25,000 dollars total ,you think,wow,where does all the money go? Well,you have to pay to have a homestudy done,which is about 3,500 dollars when all is said and done. Then,you have to pay fees to the agency who facilitates your adoption, plus all of your incidentals,like the online classes,seminars,FBI fingerprint check,Passports,etc. Then,once you get in country you are praying for plane tickets,lodging,food, and the facilitation fee for the actual child in country. It all adds up,and at the end, 25,000 dollars is the approximate cost.

However,the more complicated answer here is that most adopting families worry very little about funding. We serve a poor God,because He is always pouring out His blessings! Adoption is at the very heart of who God is. He sent His only son to die for us,so that WE could be adopted and redeemed. It cost so much for Him to do that,and yet He commanded His love toward us. Truly, a Father to the Fatherless. Now, we are called to pay a ransom for the LIFE of a child, and give that child an inheritance,just like God did for us. Before I was saved and knew Jesus, I was that orphan,just like Declan, lying alone,with no one..... It's only because God had mercy on me that He saw fit to adopt me into His family and give me new life. Now,we will go and do that for another one of his precious children with the assurance that HE will provide. I have literally seen God pour out money like water for families that are adopting. Just recently, there was a family adopting 2 teenage girls from China. Now,these precious daughters were just DAYS from being un-adoptable due to their age (16). This family had mere moments to gather the funds to go get these girls. In a matter of hours, ALL 34,000 dollars had been raised.

In Philippians 4:19, when God said He would provide all of our needs,He was telling the truth. His promises can be trusted.

So,even though Erik and I are a single income military family,and we don't have 25,000 bucks lying around,we believe that our Heavenly Father will provide those funds,and we are going forward in faith. Most families are like us,and just believe that God will pave the way.

Great question,by the way!! :) Please feel free to ask any questions you might have about this process,I would love to answer!

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