Friday, October 26, 2012


So, are you wondering what a homestudy really is? Well, wonder no more. A homestudy is your first phase in the adoption process. You work closely with a a social worker or agency (maybe both), and they help you to determine if you are fit to adopt a child.

What are some things they look for? Well, first you get a HUGE packet of paperwork. It's so large you start to sweat and your deodorant fails you. Well, ok, that's just what happened to ME... However, I was really excited to get started so I felt like I was doing something to get this little guy HOME! They want to see pictures of your house and family, medical records, tax forms from previous years, proof of children vaccinations and physicals, proof of pet vaccinations and physicals,employee letters,statement of why you want to adopt,autobiography for each spouse,birth and marriage certificated for all family member,and a whole lot of other stuff.

Also,depending on what country you are adopting from,you will be asked to complete education courses online. We had to 10 hours, and then tomorrow we are actually going to a seminar in person where we will have a chance to learn more about what to expect,and we can actually talk to the doctors there about our child's diagnosis and ask for advice.

So,once you complete all of the paperwork,you send it off to your agency,and then they assign you a social worker who will actually come into your home and check around to see where the child will be living. They want to make sure it's safe- are there smoke detectors? Do you have guns and medications safely locked away? Is there a working fire extinguisher? Things like that will be looked at. They will also interview us,and ask questions about our marriage,parenting skills,etc.

We aren't quite there in the process,so once that happens,I will explain more in detail what it's like.

I am done with all my part of the paperwork. We are waiting for Erik's bloodwork to come back,and his employer to write his letter,and then I should be able to send it all off to my agency!! So exciting! Here's another question I've gotten a lot. What do the girls think? Wel, they ask every day if we are going to get 'that baby'. Haha! I think they understand as much as they can for a 5 and 2 year old,and they are really desiring for 'that baby' to get home so he can be their personal plaything so they can be sweet and loving little sisters.

Every day,and I mean every single day Little Sis prays for him. She asks God to close his heart up,and man,it's sweet. We do suspect he has a heart condition that may require open heart surgery upon arrival to the US. The girls and I talked about it,and they knew just where to go. God is in control. He is good,and nothing will happen outside of HIS plan,so we just trust and go in faith. I think the little gals are going to be awesome big sisters, and they are going to love having a little brother. :)

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