Friday, October 26, 2012

Look to the right..

Hey y'all!

If you look over to your right,you will see a white button. If you click on that,you can donate to our family grant for baby boy. Let's be honest,none of us like to talk about money,but there is no way Erik and I can do this on our own. Maybe you have a heart for the orphans,but aren't in a place to adopt right now. Maybe you would just love to see this little guy out of an orphanage and into a mommy's arms? Whatever the case,please feel free to click on that donate button and help us out! Another great perk to donating through Paypal is that you will get a receipt sent to your e-mail for EACH donation,and they are tax-deductible. Yep,donate and then deduct. Sounds great to me! :)

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