Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another Day..

Another day of working furiously on paperwork! Erik and I applied for our passports today,and even though they say it will be 4-6 weeks,we are hoping they will be here in a week or 2 at most. Feel free to pray about that with us!

Also,we finished all of our classes online,and we should have all of our certificates tomorrow,

I was actually thinking that I was doing a good job of getting everything done.........and then, my precious facilitator sent me the dossier documents to start working on,and I had a heart attack. I died, revived myself, cried a little, started to sweat profusely, and then shut my computer as quickly as possible so that I could pretend I never even saw it.

It's not going to work forever,but it's my plan for now. ;o) I do want to keep this moving as quickly as I can,but we have to get our homestudy completed before anything else,so I'm focusing my attention on that. For now. Here's another questions that I've been asked a lot: What is his name,did you pick Declan? Actually,Declan is the name that Reece's Rainbow attached to him when they posted him on the photo-listing. Most likely,he has an orphanage name that we will find out in country. We are going to pick a new name for him once he is adopted. We're still working on it,I never really thought we were going to pick a boy name. :)

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