Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Today was a great day on the adoption front! We finished up Erik's autobiography,after a bit of editing from me.. I had to draw the line when he said he was going to teach our son how to spit,burp and fart. Boys.... ;)

Also, we started our adoption classes online,and completed 3 out of the 5 after the kids went to bed! We will get the other 2 finished tomorrow.

Also,I got our fingerprints mailed out to the FBI lab,and they should arrive tomorrow and then we can start tracking them!

I want to answer the most common question we've gotten so far. How long will it take? Well,God bless you for asking,because we know that you (general) are just as eager as we are to get this little guy home,and so we all want to know WHEN?!?!?

Riiiiiight, and I so wish that I had a time frame to share with you,but I don't. I know,stinks,but at this point we are just taking one step at a time. In a best case scenario, we would get to travel around Spring (Late Feb-Early April). However,there are a number of steps we have to take to get to that point,and right now our focus is on doing what we can as fast as we can to keep the process going.

If you have other questions,please feel free to leave a comment and I would be glad to answer,as long as it doesn't invade rules we have regarding country,etc. :)

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