Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Hey there, and welcome to the Williams' Family blog! We are so glad you're here, and hope you'll stay around for a while. The Williams Family has some exciting news to share: we are officially in the process of adopting! :) I've been holding onto this secret for almost a month,and it has been SO hard. I was always once to announce my pregnancies when the lines turned pink, so holding on to this was difficult. Erik and I have been working really hard at getting things done on our end. Currently, we are in the process of adoption called a homestudy. Basically, it is an inventory of our lives up to this point. For our point, we have a ton of documents to gather....tax forms,medical forms,photographs,autobiographies,etc. I received my homestudy packet in the mail last Wednesday,and I have been working my behind off to get it done as quickly as possible!!! I will be keeping up with the blog so you all can follow along with us!

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Tara said...

he is so cute! i saw him when he was listed and was hoping someone would snatch him up:)