Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So Typical.

Last night,after I cleaned up dinner and made Erik's lunch,I went into the office to get my notebook.

I needed to make a grocery list.

I found my notebook,and headed back through the kitchen. I couldn't find a pen,so I went into the living room,and saw Erik sitting down going through his DVD's. I set my notebook down on the TV stand,and sat down to help him sort.

Upon getting up,I noticed a stain on the floor. I went into the kitchen to grab the resolve,and went back into the living room to treat the stain. I checked the entire living room for stains,and then put the resolve back.

As I was walking through the kitchen,I noticed some crumbs on the floor from peanut butter brownies I made.

I called Austin in to help clean the mess,and then decided to sweep the floor anyway.

While in the kitchen,I heard the dryer stop. Remembering I had a load of whites in the washer,I headed into the laundry room to take the clothes out of the dryer. I dropped the clean clothes on my bed,and then put the whites in the dryer.

I went into my bedroom,and folded the laundry.
I put the laundry away,and went into my closet to hang the clothes.
While in there,I noticed Matilda's birthday gifts,and decided to take inventory of what we bought her. I started making a mental list of what I needed to grab from dollar tree for her birthday.

I walked out in the bedroom,and remembered I was hanging shirts.

I went back into the closet,and realized we have no hangers.
So,then I decided to go through the closet,and make a bag for Goodwill.

After I was done,I was finally able to hang up the clean clothes.

I finished up the laundry,and went back into the kitchen,where I filled up water bottles for the morning,and ate a brownie. ;o)

Heading out in the living room,I sat down in the chair to snuggle with the girls for a minute,and there,on the TV stand...

was my blank notebook.

I needed to make a grocery list.

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