Friday, January 27, 2012

Julianna's Room

After Julianna turned 5,I decided she needed a room re-do.

She's had the same bedspread/decor since she moved into a big girl bed at 2.

She's a big girl now! I spent about 100 dollars total,which is my idea of a frugal re-do. Here are some pictures:

The right side of her room. I re-did her bulletin board. The butterflies,which you will see again,are from my sister's old room,so they were a free addition. The scrapbook paper,was only about .40 a piece at Hobby Lobby. I also got the big pink basket there,for 7 dollars. We use it to store library books.
the window in the middle of the room. I re-painted her letter,and put new ribbon on them. I spray painted the plant stand a light pink,and then there are 2 butterfly photo collages on the wall. One os hot pink,and one is light pink (spray painted.) I also got this cute flower shelf thing from HL.
Left side of her room. Her bed. I got the bedspread for 15 dollars at Ross,and was able to keep the same bedskirt,sheets and blanket. It's really cute,with butterflies,hearts,etc. on it. I am disappointed about ONE thing. I ordered a green pillowcase,with hot pink polka dots from Etsy,to have her her name monogrammed on it,and they sent me a green with periwinkle dots. So,I'm still looking around for a cute pillowcase that will pop!
Re painted the hairbow holder,and picked up that adorable chair at Ross. I had to re-paint the legs because they were scratched up,and they gave me 20% off. :) I got the mirror on clearance at HL.
And this is the small wall,between the door and closet. These are shelves Erik made for me when I was 17,and I just love them! I have repainted them a few times,because they have faded a bit. there are very sentimental things,like the porcelain doll from Erik's grandma Julia,a snow globe from her 1st trip to Disney,and some things Erik has brought home from his overseas travel.


Cindy said...

SOOO Cute! If you need me to make a pillow case for you I can.

Jenn said...

I LOVE THE CHAIR!!!!!!! I can just see her in it. You did great on her room. looks awesome