Saturday, January 28, 2012

A few more room pictures.

A few pictures of Matilda's room. It's quite plain. It's funny,when they are a baby,you want to make their room as visually appealing as possible. When they are toddlers,you want to take as much stimulation out of their room as possible! LOL

I will say,this K-Mart furniture that we paid 500 bucks total for,has gotten quite a workout,and has help up quite gracefully. Armoire:

Changing table:


And,the playroon,which is actually the 3rd bedroom. Berry Bitty city:
Left side.
Now,there isn't anything on the walls in there for one reason. Nothing will stick on the walls!! I have tried numerous types of tape,and nothing will stick on the walls. I had some of the cutest posters (educational) to put up,and they won't stay.


cindy said...

Have you tried command strips hooks, they might work.

jseamans said...

I like Cindy's suggestion. Also, have you tried the Tacky stuff.. The blue stuff teachers use for their walls and chalkboards?