Monday, January 30, 2012

Matilda's Birthday

Last week,my little Boo turned 2!!

I can hardly believe our little red caboose is a big girl. :)

We celebrated on Saturday since daddy was home from work. We had such a great day together. We started out the morning with a breakfast treat (Pop-tarts). They don't get them very often,so the girls are super excited when they get,as Tillie calls them,Pop-Toits.

Then,we headed over to Monkey Joe's to play. We had a ton of fun! The girls loved it,and mom and dad got quite the workout. Whew. Tillie is heavy- ha!

We did have a small casualty,though. We were getting ready to leave,and I took the girls up the slide one last time. This little girl behind us was quite rambunctious,and could hardly wait for us to get out of the way. We were at the bottom of the slide,helping the kids off,and she came barreling down. Unfortunately,her face connected with my elbow (for those that don't know,I have a bunch of metal in there,a faux elbow,if you will). As soon as it happened,her eye turned black and swelled up. It was awful! I walked her over to her grandpa and apologized profusely,and then we got ready to go. As we were leaving,her party was at the front complaining about ME,and the fact that I was on the slides with my kids. @@ Nothing else came of it,though. It did put a damper on my afternoon,though. Anyway,we lunched at Chick-a-lay,had a nice nap,and then opened some presents and ate some cake!

Here now,is your picture overload.

Minnie Mouse themed,obvi.

Sister girls ready to go!
Playing at Monkey Joes. Y'all can I take a small detour to say that I have been having a bad hair day since...uh November? My hair is not loving this Georgia weather,and I haven't been able to wear it down for weeks!
Oh man,I love this little 'boose!
Daddy..he was sweating by the time we left!
Tillie opened her presents. Minnie Mouse galore!!

And then,there was cake!

Y'all like my cake? More pics of that coming right up! :)

Thanks for checking out our pictures. It was such a great day,with my 5 and 2 year old girls. to convince Erik we need another,STAT!


jseamans said...

Oh no, that upset you I am sure! Looks like you guys had a GREAT Time... wish we could have been there. I absolutely love the cake, you made it? GREAT JOB!! I miss your cooking/baking! We miss you guys! :) And yes, you guys do need another STAT!!! :)

Cindy/Nonny said...

Growing up tooooo fast. Can't wait to see you all.