Sunday, January 22, 2012

battle of the Bulge..2

I guess I better come back with some sort of plan for getting back on track.

I thought I would have some big idea,but really,I know what to do.

I just have to DO it.

So,here's the plan:

1) Drink 80 oz of water a day. I have a pitcher,and a BIG cup. I will fill my cup up appx. 5 times a day to get the water intake I need.

2) Write in my food journal. Every day. Every meal. I want to keep my calories around 1300 a day.

3)Control the dinner portions. I considered making some fish or chicken at the beginning of the week,and heating it throughout the week at dinnertime,but I'm not there yet. I am really going to try to watch my portions.

4) Get more active. Now,I wasn't really expecting so much rain,but I feel like we live in Seattle with all this rain we've been getting. It makes getting outside a little..shall we say,difficult? I know that's no excuse,though! I have to get in some exercise during the day.

5) This is the most important. I have to be dependent on God,and allow the Holy spirit to work in my heart on this matter. I was reading my Bible the other day,and came across this verse that really spoke to my heart.

1 Corinthians 6:12 - "Everything is permissible for me"- but not everything is beneficial. Everything is permissible for me,but I will not be mastered by anything.

Reading that verse,as someone who struggles with food,it just struck me that if I can't control myself with food,I am allowing it to become a master in my life. I am allowing food to come before Jesus! That is a sobering thought,friends.

So,as I go into this week,I am keeping this verse at the forefront on my mind,because I will NOT be mastered by food. I have one Master,His name is Jesus.

Check back next week for a weigh-in and update on how my week went.

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