Sunday, September 11, 2011


I really don't want to leave the blog hanging,so I'll just keep doing quick updates.

I will have some new pictures this week. Promise. I thought my camera was charged,and I took it to Julianna's soccer game on Saturday, guessed it. Dead. So,game 2 and still no pictures of my little gal playing soccer.

On the subject of soccer,she really seems to like it. Part of this is that her BFF Katie is on the team. Just a side note: If you're pregnant and considering names,leave Katie/Kathryn/Katelynn off the list. On a team of 13 kids,we have 2 Katies,1 Kathryn,and 1 Caitlyn. Crazy. My poor husband,who isn't great with names anyway,can't keep up with them! He spend most of the practice saying,come here sweetie,way to go buddy. ;o) Maybe by the end of the year party,he'll have their names down.

So,she is having fun,which is totally the point at this age,buuuuut she's not exhibiting any real talent. Now before you start thinking,they're 4,there IS no talent,let me tell you..there IS. There are a couple of kids on our team that are really good. They get the ball,run fast with it,and get it in the goal. You know,the whole point of the game. Other unfortunate children,like mine,try really hard but just don't get it. She runs fast,keeps up with the ball,but never actually tries to kick it. Then,there are a few kids who just wander around picking grass,and asking if it's time to go yet. Fun times,and I'm being sincere. I love watching the kids,and I happen to think the coach is very sex-ay. ;o) We probably won't be registering her for soccer again. I've already found a dance studio in the area where we're considering renting,and I want to give her a try in tap/jazz.

Julianna is still doing well in school. She absolutely lovessssss it. It's a shame,since she won't be going to school in Fort Benning,but more about that later. Her teacher is so sweet,and she says other than being a chatty kathy,she is doing great. She comes home excited everyday to show me her sticker in her folder. So far,she hasn't missed a day of getting a sticker. She is making friends,and we ran into a little girl in her class at Wal-Mart the other day,and they were very excited to see each other. She also loves riding the bus. There are not 2 other little girls that ride with her,so a total of 3 on that big bus. The aide sits with them,and told me the other day,"you have your hands full with that one." You have no idea,lady..No Idea.

We still don't have an exact moving day. I had to schedule the move online,and we have to wait 2 weeks for a moving company to pick us up,and give us the information for the move. It looks like we'll be living in a hotel for my 28th birthday. Lots of fun! If we don't hear anything by Wednesday,Erik's going to transportation first thing Thursday morning. I already have hotels booked,but I need to make concrete plans. I have 2 kids and 2 pets. This is going to take a little precision and planning. We don't have much else to do right now. Around the 1st of October,we'll start taking things off the wall,and getting the house ready to be packed. I will have to pack and whatnot.

As much as I would love to go down to Fort Benning,and check it out before October,we just can't fit it on the calendar. Although,our calendar will be freed up a bit since a wedding we were to attend in November has been moved to February. That will be nice,since we were going to have to travel back for that just weeks after getting down there. So,now we should be there the last week of October,and we already have some houses we want to look at to rent. We are going to set up appointments as soon as we find out the exact day we will be there,and hopefully find something we are satisfied with quickly,so our household goods won't have to go in storage (that's when they tear your stuff up).

Ok,well I know this was yawn-worthy,but it's our life right now.

Oh,I just realized i didn't mention Matilda. Well,she stabbed our dog with a knife that Erik left laying out. Yeah. That's all there is to say about that one.

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