Thursday, September 1, 2011


As our time at Ft. Campbell nears to an end (for the 2nd time),I can't help but feel sad AND excited for this new phase of our lives.

From what we've heard,Ft. Benning is a really nice area,and we will be a bit closer to family. I've already located some churches that look like a good fit,and we're currently considering our housing options.

There's a 2 month wait for housing on post. As a whole,that's not too bad,but that would mean the kids and I in NC for 2 months,and Erik living in a hotel. That's not fun! :( Especially since he just got home. He would have to travel to NC for Thanksgiving and Christmas,if he got the time off. We would much rather get settled in and on a routine quickly. We have no real idea what his work schedule might be like. We have found some nice houses in the area. We have heard that certain parts of Columbus,GA need to be off limits. There are also areas in AL that we are considering.

We have our orders in hand (which was the first step),and we have set up for our household goods to be moved (which was the 2nd tedious step that nearly made me lose it). Now,we're just waiting to get our specific move dates so I can set up lodging,and then figure out what we're going to do.

I've considered getting a GPS (mine was stolen last year),and driving the girls down there in early October,and trying to find a house. I just don't know. There's been a whole lot of praying going on.

Welp,that's my little update for now. Julianna loves school SO much. She's gotten in a bit of trouble for being a chatty Kathy. I can't imagine where she might have gotten that from. She has a friend on the school bus now- so cute! She rode for almost 2 weeks by herself,but now there's a little girl who rides with her. Matilda is...still for sale. ;o)

More soon!

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cindy said...

We will take the cute little red head. ☺