Sunday, August 28, 2011

Goin' for a run!

In an effort to maintain and even lost a bit of weight,I've become a bit of a runner. I actually enjoy it,and since Erik's been home,I've been able to make more time for it. Right now,I try to workout 3 days a week,running at least 2 of those and maybe doing the elliptical or walking with Tillie in the backpack and Julianna in the stroller the other day. I recently had a victory when I ran 3 miles consecutively,no walking. Woohoo! I was at a serious crossroads trying to hit that 3 mile mark,and now that I have,I've set my goal to 4. I'd really like to run a half marathon next year,but we'll see! :o) For now,I'm just trudgin' along,one step at a time.

I also realized I haven't done an official weigh in since Erik's been home! I need to do it once a month or something. My weight has yo-yoed like crazy since he came back. The first week there was a lot of eating going on,and I put on a few pounds. The next week I had my wisdom teeth taken out,and lost those few pounds and more. Then,we went on vacation and I gained back ALL of it,plus some. Once we got home,I had to pump myself up to stay on track. Now,I'd actually like to lose 7 pounds,and get to an even 130. I hope to do this by my 28th birthday (2 months away). My plan is to cut down on carbs a bit,and continue to exercise. This morning,I was at 136,but my google tracker still has me at 137,so we'll stay with that for now. I'll update next month!

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