Friday, August 26, 2011

First Day of school!

I can hardly believe it,but my little gal is going to school! We have a Pre-K program on post,and she goes for 3 hours a day M-F. They actually have a bus service to our neighborhood,so she's riding the bus,too! Wow. I swear she was JUST born. I don't really know if I'm ready for all this. Erik and I went back and forth about whether to send her,but we felt like it would be a nice break for her. See,Matilda naps from 12:30-3:30 every day,and during that time,Julianna was so bored. We tried to do lots of quiet activities,but she just wasn't stimulated enough. We were constantly telling her to quiet down,settle down,etc. So,her afternoon class is from 12:15-3:15. How perfect. She gets to do music,playground,centertime,and have lunch with friends every day. Also,her teacher goes to our church,and she is SO sweet! We are so blessed! Here's a few pictures from her first day.

Momma's sweet girls!

Tillie had her backpack on,too! Bidding starts in an hour. ;o)

Precious big girl!

With her backpack-which is actually my Vera Bradley bag. I didn't want to buy her one,so we just used this one.

And her lunchbox,I got it from Goodwill,she doesn't even know what Polly Pocket is lol.

All of her information I had to tape on her back!

Waiting for the bus together. :*)

And then Tillie got bored and started standing on her head!

Finally,the bus is here,time to go to school!
Oh look at that. This is when mommy started to cry! She just looks so little up there. Her bus driver is so nice,and there's an assistant that rides,too.

All in all,she had a wonderful first day of school! :D

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