Monday, September 19, 2011


Some pictures! You didn't think I was going to follow through,did you? Well,me neither.

Occasionally,I surprise myself. :)

Ok,so let's start with this:
Please identify this "plant".
If you're from North Carolina,I hope you were able to correctly identify this as corn. Ok,so that's a start. Now can you identify the location? No? Let me help you.

That's my FRONT yard. Yes,it's true. My husband (making sure to pin this on him),is growing corn in our front and back yard. The back yard doesn't bother me,but the front yard..

Moving on.
The corn actually grew quite well,and last week Erik tended to the corn,cutting off the "ripe" ones. You can actually see some sticking out of his pocket!
I made him post for a picture with the corn. He was/is quite proud. (PS- see that knife he's holding? That's the one he carelessly sat down,and Matilda happily picked up and stabbed our dog with.)
The finished product,and I must admit,it is GOOD corn! I have a bit left over in the fridge for a dinner this week. Yum!

I can't wait until we move to a new house so we can plant a big garden. My husband has quite the green thumb. One of the many reasons I love him. :)

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