Thursday, August 4, 2011


Been another dry patch on the blog. I am really sorry about that. I truly appreciate everyone who takes time to read my blog.

I am just a little bit overwhelmed with life right now. It's just a combination of many things,and as usual,the blog comes in so far down in my list that I just don't get to it. Thing is,I have lots of posts I want to write,and pictures I want to share.


I must be more organized. I think I'll try to carve out 2 hours a week to schedule some posts so I stop getting so behind.

However,I'm giving myself a bit of a deadline. If,by my birthday,October 21st,I haven't gotten into a good routine of consistent posting,I'm shutting it down. :(

It kills me to even write that,but I'm holding myself to it. I mean,most people are on my FB page,and know what's going on around here anyway,but I still like to have a place for special stories and pictures.

The camera battery is charging up,so there might be some hope for us yet! :)

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Timisha said...

Noooooo! You can't give it up, I love reading your blog. Its like a good book. Facebook isn't as detailed. Just blog when you can, why stress about a schedule? Good luck with everything.