Monday, August 8, 2011

A New Addition

Well,well,well...I know you've all been waiting for this announcement.

Since I aim to please,here it is.

The Williams family has a new addition!!

The best part? It's not a baby!! Well,it is,just not a baby human.

How cute is this little furball??

I am pleased to introduce you to Baylee June,our sweet new calico. :)

So,just a few days after we got to my mom's house,Erik and I were taking our dog out for a nightly walk. We walked over by a wooded area,and this little kitten ran right up to us.

Ignore it,I said.

Erik picked her up.

Ok,she's cute,but put her down,I said.

So he did. She followed us. And then,I started to feel a little sorry for the little thing. She was dirty,and so tiny,and had obviously been left out in the woods. :(

I am SO not a cat person,but my heart went out to her. Not to mention the fact that she was faithfully following us on our walk.

So,Erik picked her up again,and we took her to my mom's house. Our original plan was just to put some food outside for her. Before I knew it,she was in the house getting a bath and some love.

Then,we thought would would take her to the vet and get her checked out,and leave her at my mom's house. She already has a few cats,what was one more?

Except,there was a small snafu..and their names start with J and M.

Yep,you guessed it. The little gals fell in love with BAY-EEEEEEE (as Tillie says)!

So,we brought her home. And she fits right in. The little girls play with her all day,and when she's tired,she gets in Erik's drawer under our bed and sleeps on his t-shirts.

And me,not a cat person at all,loves this precious little thing!

PS- Yes,a 4 yr. old s totally capable of cleaning a litter box. ;o)

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