Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A trip re-cap.

So,Erik's block leave is over,and he is back to work. We has a wonderful month together.

It all started with the wisdom teeth. Luckily,when I went for my one week post-op,the dentist cleared me for travel. I came home and packed,and we left the next morning.
(The gals riding around on the scooter with Erik's dad "Pappy")

Our first stop was in Charlotte,N.C. It's nice to go there first,as opposed to going to Raleigh,since it's only 8 hours to Charlotte. We stopped at my Sister-In-Law's house and Erik's dad (who lives close by) came and ate dinner with us. We were really tired,so we called it an early night,and then headed over to Erik's dad house in the morning. Granny Kathy,his wife,made us an AMAZING brunch. Breakfast casserole,grits,fried apples,liver pudding,etc.
(Erik and his stepsister Amber- cutie pie!)

It was so GOOD. And thus began my eating binge that lasted about 3 weeks.

Oh wait,it's not over yet.

After spending the morning with them,we headed over to my mom's house for the week. we hated to leave,miss you guys already!

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