Friday, August 12, 2011

A little time.

I love this picture. These are Erik's grandparents,MeMa and Grand-daddy. Erik wanted to make sure to spend a little time with them while we were home. No problem,right? At 92 and 83 (respectively) years old,we would just head over and catch them at home.

Nope. Not this precious couple. They are on the go,go,go. In fact,we were told in no uncertain terms,we would need to call them and schedule some time together.

Well,OK then LOL!

It's so worth it,though. We went out for dinner,and on the way I realized I forgot my camera.Oh,that wouldn't do. (I drove back to my mom's house to get it) I HAVE to get a picture of the girls with them every time we visit. You just never know. I think it's SO special that they even have great-grandparents. :)
PS- Today is Friday,and we have a special visitor coming to our house. Wonder who it is? Can't wait to share something exciting happening next week. Stay tuned. :)

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