Sunday, August 14, 2011

A few beach pictures

Here are a few pictures from our beach trip. I hardly took any,because we were so busy just having fun! I do wish I had taken the camera down to the shore at least once,and snapped the girls in the waves. We spent a week at Emerald Isle,and it was really nice. I'm not a huge beach person ( I prefer the mountains),but Erik loves the beach and spent a lot of time there as a child,so it was really special to him. Julianna took to the water right away. She would go to her knees and jump over the waves,which was SO cute. Matilda was a bit more like mommy and dipped her toes in a bit. I never went farther than my knees the whole time we were there. The first couple of days the waves were super rough because of a TS that was pushing out. We had to be really careful,and one morning we had to leave the beach all together because the wind was (literally) whipping us. Anyway,a good time was had by all,although I don't see another beach trip happening for a few years. ;o)

The whole crew. The Williams Fam with SIL,BIL,MIL and niece.
Family picture. We drove over to Swansboro one night and had a really nice dinner. You might notice Erik looks like he got punched in the eye. He was out fishing on the pier and got sunscreen in his eye,and then rubbed it with his hand,which had sand on it,and it was really irritated. I think he scratched it pretty good,and it was swollen for a few days.

Erik and I at the aquarium. One morning we were there,the weather was unpredictable and raining on and off,so we (and EVERY other family at the Isle went to the aquarium).

Daddy and Jules

The little gals the morning we left for home. A week sure does go by fast when you're having fun!

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