Tuesday, August 16, 2011


is our favorite time!
I took Matilda in for her 18 month check this week,and she weighed 23 pounds and measured in at 30 inches. That's roughly 5% for height,25% for weight,and her head was a whopping 50%. Poor thing. She gets that from her daddy LOL. She is healthy,but the doctor made us an appt. to see a peditrician about her stomach issues. A few months ago,I took her to the doctor because she was having some wicked diaper rashes. She was having way to many poopie diapers,and they were giving her an awful rash,which would them blister and bleed. It was awful! I could carely stand to see her in so much pain. At first,I thought she was getting a recurring yeast infection. After treating for yeast, I realized something else was going on,and took her in. The doctor said it was gastro related and to keep a food diary of which foods she was reacting to and remove them from her diet. OK. Done. I went through a 3 month trial of going through foods and putting them in a yay or may category. When Erik came home,I briefed him about what not to give her,but he got the see the whole rash business in action,when we found something new she couldn't tolerate. I asked the doctor at our well baby visit if she would outgrow this..because we're pretty limited on what she can have right now. She was a little concerned,and so we'll go see the ped. and see what she thinks about the whole thing!

Coming up..a video of Julianna demonstrating her new activity! :) Can you guess what she's doing?

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