Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's Time For..

A little video..brought to you by Julianna!

So,as you can see,we're gearing up for Soccer season!! :o) Julianna's first sport! I am so excited. We decided on soccer because Julianna is so active,and she was always kicking the ball around the backyard. When I signed her up,I went to the sports center and was chatting with the woman in charge,and she said she wasn't sure how many kids were going to play Pre-K soccer because 115+ had signed up,but there were only 3 coaches. Oh heck no! If my baby wants to play soccer,she WILL play soccer. I'm so diva. So,what does any good mom do? Sign her husband (and friend) up to coach. Yep. Daddy Erik and Miss Julie are coaching soccer. I'm the team parent,so I'm not totally out of the loop. I know nothing about soccer,though. I'm not super sporty,as many of you know. ;o) Here's a few more pictures of our impromptu soccer practice the other day.

So cute,little soccer girl!

I'm too fat to play,so I'll just carry this chair to my favorite spot.

Julianna told her there was a dinosaur print in the yard,just precious.


I'm OK!

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